Out with the Bad, In with the Good; Well Wishing During Traditional Baci Ceremony

Authored by:
Jude Peckinpaugh

Jude Peckinpaugh

After countless hours of travel by plane and van, we have arrived to the study center in Khon Kaen! Everyone is recuperating well from our long travel days and they are all excited to learn about Thai culture and experience all that the program has to offer.

Yesterday, students were able to tour the area and meet the staff. In the afternoon, they wrapped up the day with a traditional Isaan style meal which consisted of eating together family style on the floor. The traditional chicken and sticky rice dishes were a hit! Before the night was over, students participated in a traditional Baci Ceremony, which calls for your soul to return to you after travel. The Northern Thai ceremony is led by an elder, and is performed to welcome and wish participants well. The ceremony entails chanting led by the elder and ends with participants receiving a string around their wrist which is thought to sweep away bad luck and provide the participant good luck during their travels.





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