Sisaket, Sisaket, Ooohhh Sisaket

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Molly N.

Molly N.

Our final project was the English camp which took place within the first few days of our last week here in Thailand. Kids from different schools around the Sisaket area came to join the fun activities we had planned, including a scavenger hunt and final Olympic game competitions. The kids were able to learn everyday English words while also partaking in group activities outside that brought up environmental awareness. An overall favorite activity was creating leaf books where students and leaders were able to create stories out of leaves, sticks, and flowers. That night the Wetland Association band also gave us a small live concert that included Thai instruments and a group Thai dance! It was one of my favorite things we’ve done on the trip. The atmosphere was exciting as they made sure we all felt included saying that that night there was no age difference or judgment, just all around good vibes. Our last day of English camp was bittersweet as we had all developed close relationships with the students within a short span of time. We miss them all already! The English camp was a group favorite project given that the students were incredibly kind, obedient, and patient, making the overall experience of exchanging cultures a memorable one. Another group favorite was later in the week we were given a Thai massage! It was a relaxing experience especially right before several long flights back home. We ended the trip with a goodbye ceremony where we had a traditional Thai dinner and prayers were said all around for good spirits and a safe flight home!

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