Favorite Memories in Madrid

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Summer Love

Summer Love

"This is my favorite because it shows an intimate moment shared by my friends and I. This photo is a reminder of Valencia, our walks, and a fun time on the beach. Totally recommend!" -Elham 

"Making all my friends go to La Casa del Abuelo is my favorite passtime now!" (after an awesome program leader introduced her to the 150+ year old restaurant) - Faith

"This is a random guy we saw in the street who's job is writing poems for strangers." -Lydia         
"This was a good memory because he incorporated things around us and he was so nice about writing the ooem... He was doing what he genuinely liked which was cool."  -Calvin

"This photo was taken after dancing and singing at a discoteca and I had the time if my life with friends. This is my favorite memory because it was the first time on this trip that I realized how great of friends I made." -Landon

"This is my favorite memory so far because of the smell and feeling of being on the beach in the sun. It also captures one of the friendships I have made while being here. The sound of the waves and the smell of the salt were so calming. Valencia was an amazing place and I was so lucky to experience a place like that." -Phoebe

"My friends and I walking around the city after having food and hanging out at the pool. In the moment, I realized how fortunate I am to have met the people I have and how lucky I am to be able to have this opportunity." -Eloise

"This is my favorite picture because it was taken during a calm and peaceful moment. I wasn't rushing anywhere and I was with a small group of friends. When I took this pic it was quiet. It was a necessary break and I loved it." -Scout

"My friends and I went to the pride parade when we were in Valencia. It was super cool to see everyone super excited and there were really cool and funny signs in the parade. It was interesting to see everyone expressing themselves and just being happy." -Kiera


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