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Marina Izquierdo

Hello everyone,

I want to share the best day that I have had so far with the Language and Culture exchange program.

On Tuesday evening, students were divided into group areas, as usual. Group E and I went to the retiro park to play some games and get to know each other more as a group. We sat in the shade in a nice spot. We laughed so much and had really nice conversations in Spanish.

Afterwards, we went to the "Sorolla" museum. This museum is found where the painter Joaquín Sorolla lived during his last years of life. The entrance to the house was lovely, with beautiful fountains and vegetation. The museum was breathtaking. The students were really impressed by Sorolla´s peculiar style and made interesting reflections about what they felt while looking at them. 

We named our Group E as "Extranjeros Extraordinarios", which stands for Extraordinary Foreigners. To be honest, these students really are extraordinary. They like to work as a team, by helping each other and they have impressive throughts about life, art and future projects. 

This day could not have gone any better. 

See you soon, 


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