Student Traveler

Nicole B.

Paris, France


Laissez-les vivre: A story about talking plates

By Nicole B.

The unwashed espresso cup sits next to the machine for hours. It goes through three transitions, I've noticed: white, then off-white and then finally, brown. This cup sits untouched from... keep reading

I Wrote This In The Moment

By Nicole B.

"Where's your favorite place to be?", Francis asked. [Three weeks Later] There's something fascinating about looking outside the window during long train rides. It's the thrill of expectation about a... keep reading

Sun in our hair, in our eyes, on our skin: a blissful week in the Sun

By Nicole B.

I prayed for the Sun and the Sun came. It came every single morning. It comes at 7:30 am, it's golden hue waking the city from its slumber. In the... keep reading

Tales from behind a glistening mug of Hot Chocolate

By Nicole B.

There is something alluring about Parisian outdoor cafes. It's larger than the faint aromas of warmly-baked gâteaux or steamy mugs of chocolat chaud that reduce me into jitters each time... keep reading

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