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Reed F.

Toulouse, France
Hometown: Shorewood, Wisconsin.

Hello! My name is Reed Falkner. I recently graduated from Shorewood High School in Shorewood WI, just north of Milwaukee. After my CIEE program I will be attending Boston University to pursue journalism and filmmaking. I am apart of the French Language and Culture program through CIEE in Toulouse, France. Little about me, I live in a comfortable house, just across the street from lake Michigan, with my mom, step dad, four older siblings and my dog. On most summer days I enjoy running, swimming, skateboarding, hiking or just lounging around the beach. I love to travel and explore but I am also a person who needs roots. In high school I was apart of my school’s cross country, hockey and lacrosse team as well as our school newspaper and our model United Nations team. I’m very interested in photography, filmmaking and writing and super excited to be blogging for CIEE!



Ready Sète Go

By Reed F.

A couple of weekends ago we had one our first program excursions to Sète! Here is a little video recap of what the weekend was like.


By Reed F.

We’ve been lucky enough to see a good amount of Southern France. Everything from the Mediterranean coasts of Sete, the college towns of Montpellier, a little bit north into the... keep reading

World War 2 D-Day Sites

By Reed F.

Visiting the D-Day beaches has been on my radar ever since I got to France. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to participate in the afternoon tour of three different WW2... keep reading

Visiting an Old Friend

By Reed F.

Two years ago I did a short exchange with a family in Southern France. Axel, a fellow young man who grew up in southern France, spent two weeks living with... keep reading

Settling In

By Reed F.

My first week in Toulouse was not the smoothest transition I’ve ever experienced. My first time walking home I got incredibly lost. I ended up walking around searching for my... keep reading

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