Tales from behind a glistening mug of Hot Chocolate

Authored By:

Nicole B.

There is something alluring about Parisian outdoor cafes. It's larger than the faint aromas of warmly-baked gâteaux or steamy mugs of chocolat chaud that reduce me into jitters each time I walk in. In fact, it has very little to do with my sense of smell and more to do with the...stillness.

Parisians move through their streets with unbent focus. Nothing stops them from inching forward, not even a red pedestrian light. I find their sense of urgency infectious, pushing me to leap further towards my destination. Nonetheless, one can very easily get consumed by this synergy, forgetting to pause and marvel at the Victorian architecture; forgetting to take it all in bit by bit: len..te..ment.. 

Which is why I'm thankful for the countless street cafes. Here, people puff out clouds of smoke, letting their worries dissipate. Jaws unclench, stories are exchanged, laughter is heard: cafés serve as zones for reflection amidst urgency, offering a needed balance between momentum and mindfulness.


Now, can I gush about how rich the chocolat chaud is in this city? My tastebuds, which were previously acquainted with the infinite dilution of milk and chocolate served elsewhere (no countries mentioned), have quickly adapted to this newly discovered richness.

Yes, it is true what they say about Paris. Everything here is richer: richer chocolate, pastries and cheese. 

4 months of richness.

Let's pray it all goes by slowly


Yours in steamy mugs of chocolat chaud,