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Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hey there, my name is Morgan Moellering. I am a 3rd grade teacher who is excited to take a teaching leap abroad with my husband. I am open minded, and will also tell it like it is, so I can't wait to begin this blogging journey as we venture through Thailand during COVID times. My hope is to bring parts of the world to you one blog at a time! 


Traveling Domestically in Thailand

By Morgan M.

It is a given fact that anyone reading this post is most likely a fan of traveling, especially if you signed up to teach in Thailand, I mean HELLO!! #TravelThailand... keep reading

What I Wished I Had Packed

By Morgan M.

Hey y'all! I know your adventure to Thailand begins soon. It's been almost 2 months of being here for me and my group. I've gotten a lot of questions about... keep reading

The First Weeks of School

By Morgan M.

Coming from teaching elementary school in America, I knew the first couple days/weeks of teaching would be a little overwhelming, and as I am writing this during week 4 of... keep reading

Money, Money, Mooonneeeyy!!!

By Morgan M.

You can always make more money, but you only have a set number of days to make more memories! In this blog post I hope to help you feel more... keep reading

Everything You Need to Know About Quarantine in Thailand

By Morgan M.

Are you ready to read about the wildest roller coaster you will ever experience? It is called QUARANTINE, the topic everyone is curious about! First, let me set the scene... keep reading

Travel Day: Flights, Food, and Arriving in Thailand

By Morgan M.

The day had FINALLY arrived! After dreaming of this day to come for years, and then going through months of preparation, the day of departure was a welcomed awakening. Of... keep reading

July to September: The Journey to Thailand through COVID

By Morgan M.

With the world changing around us (thanks COVID), we should have known that the path to Thailand would have been a little more difficult than we thought. (Skip to final... keep reading

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