Traveling Domestically in Thailand

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Morgan M.

Morgan M.

It is a given fact that anyone reading this post is most likely a fan of traveling, especially if you signed up to teach in Thailand, I mean HELLO!! #TravelThailand #TeachInThailand. We all know that coming to teach in Thailand is our job, but with that also comes free time to travel around and explore what Thailand has to offer! I have had a couple of people reach out for tips about traveling domestically so I figured why not write a blog post about it?!

I want to start off by saying if you haven't heard of Agoda it will soon become your best friend! (You can go ahead and download the app if you're headed this way, trust me it will come in handy!) It is similar to sites like back in the states. 

There are so many ways to travel domestically in Thailand, and currently all of them are available, quite easy to do, and relatively inexpensive. Whether you are looking for a day trip, a weekend getaway, or jetting off over a holiday break you will have all of those opportunities right at your finger tips here. The most popular mode of traveling around town is with a motorbike, (again I am sorry CIEE, but we have been very careful while driving) if you want to purchase a motorbike they will run you between 13,000-25,000 Baht. If you are looking for a weekend getaway you can search Agoda for cheap hotels nearby and find some hidden gems right in your backyard. We have stayed at a few hotels and resorts that are within 40 minutes of our school and they were breathtaking (take a look at some of the photos I'm posting and you can see for yourself!) If you're wanting to travel a little further traveling by bus is usually the most affordable option, and most timely. 

Bus station tip: if you have a motorbike you don't want to leave it at a bus station while you are gone because a lot of bikes get stolen there. Have someone drop you off and pick you up to be safe! 

December break is only 3.5 weeks away for us and we are planning on using our 2 weeks to travel as much of Thailand as we can. We've looked into flights, ferries, busses, sleeper trains, speed boats, etc. What if I told you that you could travel for 2 weeks around Thailand (hitting Pucket, Krabi, Chang Mai, and Bangkok) with transportation, hotels, activities, and excursions included for around $700...CRAZY RIGHT? (It may just be that my husband is an AMAZING trip planner, or it may be because Thailand is cheaper than America and is begging for travelers right now, but either way I can't wait!) 

When booking anything, definitely check into multiple modes of transportation to see which one will be the most affordable and least time consuming. Also, ask around at your local school to see if there are things you are missing by just searching on your own. We have found a secret bus station, resort, and way to look for flights through some of the Thai teachers at our school. They truly are the best way to find out any local information. Make them your best friend!! 

Average Costs in US dollars:

Hotel Stay- $12-60 depending on what you're looking for and what area you are looking in

Round Trip Flight - $40-200 depending on where you are flying to and from

Bus Fare - $8-25 depending on where you are traveling to and from

If you have any questions about traveling domestically in Thailand, please reach out through Instagram @morganmoellering and I will be happy to answer any of your questions! Also, stay tuned for our December Trip Blog! 

P.S.- I HIGHLY recommend getting away at least once a month just to relax, refresh, and remind yourself that you have the opportunity of a lifetime to teach in such an incredible country! Don't forget that your health, physically and mentally is also VERY important for the success of your students. Take care of yourself! 

Until next time: keep life simple, travel, and be kind

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