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Madison D.

Teach In Spain Program + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion Spain
Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Hey y'all!

I'm Madi DeJean and I'm currently doing CIEE's Teach Abroad 4-week Immersion program in Madrid, Spain. I graduated with my undergrad degree in child and family studies and my master's degree in communications. I worked a 9-5 for a year and a half before deciding I wasn't ready to pursue a career, so here I am, navigating a new country, culture, language, and life at 27 years old. I hope my blogs help and inspire those who are thinking of taking the leap to teach abroad in Spain. 


Why I Became an Aux and Other Tidbits About Me

By Madison D.

Hey there! I’m so excited to blog for CIEE for my last three months in Spain, sharing all the things I’ve learned and places I’ve traveled to during my time... keep reading

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