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Fabia B.

sun sets, sun rises, sometimes too fast. Live everyday the best and experience the most you can United States
Hometown: Medford, Oregon

hey, this is  Fabia!

i'm from Italy but i moved to Medford, Oregon, to change my life, 

i wanted to change my lifestyle, speak a new lenguage, have a new family, new friends, live in a new country...And everything in 10 months.

i like to say that my life is about as organised as the 5$ DVD bin at Wal-Mart, that's true, this is why i wanted to open a blog: a place to organize my life, experience and feelings.






By Fabia B.

The first thing we did when i arrived here was go to a "pizzeria", i'll remeber it forever because in that moment i really realized i wasn't in Italy anymore... keep reading

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