Authored By:

Fabia B.

The first thing we did when i arrived here was go to a "pizzeria", i'll remeber it forever because in that moment i really realized i wasn't in Italy anymore; they put cheese in everything, you can't even see the red sauce because it's completely covered by it! I would say that cheese is almost an american symbol.. even my host dad's jokes are cheesy!!

The firsts two weeks have been kinda hard for me, i wasn't able to express myself in the same way i usually do in italian and i really felt limited, thing that i really don't like; i was scared to not be liked by my host parents because of it, it wasn't easy at all but I wasn't realizing how great they are. 

I both consider them as my best friends, after i took familiarity with them i started expressing myself a lot and now i couldn't be happier! i really have a close connection with my host siblings too, i really consider them as my kin, I love them!

i also immediately started practicing with my momentary soccer team and that was a big obstacle too, i really wanted to say something to the girls, to introduce myself but I was too scared and the first days I stayed in the shadow. a week later this girl in my team starded talking with me and now we are great friends, i really have to thanks her because she really took care of me: she asked me to come over and i really had a lot of fun, we painted, she made my try a pineapple pizza and I DIDN'T LIKE IT AT ALL!! We also went to the movie theatre that day and i had so much fun watching a horror movie while sitting in this super comfy and heated seat. She helped me to have conversation with my other team mates and now i have a really good relationship with them. 

everythings proceed greatly, i've already visited a lot of places with my host parents, i like my classes, i love my soccer mates, i already have a lot of increadibles memories and you should see my smile right now because it's so big and i wish it will forever be like this.