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Deirdre in Madrid

Deirdre C.

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Misconceptions in Madrid

By Deirdre C.

Moving to Madrid last August was my first time ever in Europe. Understandably so, I was really overwhelmed with everything I had been told about Europe, and specifically Spain, without... keep reading

What Do You Really Need to Take from Home? — Most and Least Essential Items

By Deirdre C.

Before moving to Spain I was really concerned about what items I needed to purchase or take from home to live a comfortable life in Europe. I knew that one... keep reading

How Different are Spanish Schools to American Schools?

By Deirdre C.

My understanding of Spanish primary schools is that they are mostly very similar to schools in the United States. The children are just as adorable (and rowdy), the teachers work... keep reading

Traveling Hacking Europe on a Budget

By Deirdre C.

As an American, traveling to Europe is expensive and time consuming, but living in Europe makes European travel a lot easier and a lot cheaper. When working as an aux I recommend taking advantage of this and doing as much travel as possible around Europe during your time in Madrid. Here I share some travel hacking tips!

Starting My New Life in Madrid

By Deirdre C.

Hi everyone! My name is Deirdre Carberry and I have just moved to Madrid from outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in December 2022 with... keep reading

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