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Claudia M.

Hometown: Columbus, OH

I am a Columbus, Ohio native with the closet full of Buckeye apparel to prove it. I graduated from THE Ohio State University with a BS in Human Ecology followed by a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education.  I then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where I taught Kindergarten and First Grade. Inspired to teach abroad by a vacation to the Land of Smiles I am now living and , sometimes, thriving in Khon Kaen, Thailand. I teach 7th grade and spend my days celebrating the small wins of daily life abroad. 


Memorable Travel Stories From Teaching In Thailand

By Claudia M.

One of the best parts of teaching in Thailand is the ability to travel. Each month I have been able to travel 2-4 weekends. This is because of the salary... keep reading

The Best and Worst Parts of Teaching Abroad

By Claudia M.

CIEE was pretty transparent that although teaching in Thailand would be an incredibly memorable once in a lifetime experience, it would also be difficult. I’m relatively open to friends, family... keep reading

Advice for Prospective English Teachers

By Claudia M.

So, you’re thinking about teaching in Thailand – I’m excited for you! I remember when the idea came to me and I just couldn’t shake it. I remember thinking about... keep reading

Thailand Apartment Tour

By Claudia M.

Welcome to my home in Khon Kaen, Thailand. I am fortunate enough to live directly across the street from my school, which makes for a very easy commute. CIEE and... keep reading

Best Day Trips From Khon Kaen

By Claudia M.

I am a participant in the professional program in Thailand. I have been living and teaching in Khon Kaen for the last 9 months.Khon Kaen is located in the Isan... keep reading

How to Fit Into Thai Culture As An American

By Claudia M.

I am 5’9’, platinum blonde, and white. To say I stand out in Northeast Thailand is an understatement. There are some perks of this. I always feel safe because I... keep reading

How Teaching in Thailand Will Help My Professional Goals

By Claudia M.

My 2 reasons for coming to Thailand were to be able to travel around Southeast Asia and to grow as an educator. Being a teacher is part of my identity... keep reading

Wildlife and Other Animals You’ll Find in Thailand

By Claudia M.

One of my favorite things about Thailand is it’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. In America it makes sense we have deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes, islands, and glaciers because we’re the... keep reading

How To Find Friends In Thailand

By Claudia M.

I haven’t had to think much about making friends before I moved to Thailand. I love talking and I love people so it was always a natural, quick, and seamless... keep reading

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Thailand

By Claudia M.

I have written previously about how CIEE prepares you to live and teach in Thailand and I am forever grateful for everything they did and continue to do for me... keep reading

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