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Claudia M.

Claudia M.

Welcome to my home in Khon Kaen, Thailand. I am fortunate enough to live directly across the street from my school, which makes for a very easy commute. CIEE and my school found the apartment and made all the arrangements for me, which was a huge help as I would have had no idea where to begin if I needed to find an apartment on my own. I pay in cash at the end of each month for my rent and utilities. It is 4500 Baht ($140 USD) for rent and approximately 500-1000 ($15-30 USD)  Baht for utilities (water and electricity).

At the bottom of the building is an office that sells packets of laundry detergent, water bottles, and some snacks. There is always someone working to help you when you lose your keys ( a common problem for me), something is broken, you need help, or need to pay your rent.

My apartment is set up dorm style, meaning I do not have a kitchen or living area. It came with a bed, wardrobe, desk, television, and mini fridge.

Some things I needed to purchase were bedding, towels, clothes hangers, and cleaning supplies.While I decided that because it was only for one year I could go without a microwave, hot pot, or blender, I do think it would have been nice to store, heat, or make some food in my room. I would suggest for people who are used to cooking for themselves at home to invest in one of these appliances.

I definitely have enough storage space to keep all my belongings which is great for feeling like you have settled in.

I found decorating the walls with pictures from back home, work from students, and things collected from my travels makes my room feel more “homey”. Especially in the beginning when I was scared to venture out and spent a lot of time in my room.

The bathroom is typical Thai with no divider between the shower and rest of the bathroom. While it did take me a few weeks to get used to, it now no longer bothers me. However, I do suggest going to the bathroom before you shower so that you can give the bathroom time to dry before having to enter it again.

Something great about my apartment is that it has a rooftop area where I can hang out with my friends, enjoy a few drinks, and watch the sunset.

My apartment also has a small gym. While it is nothing fancy it is nice to have access to weights and some simple equipment for free.

My apartment building also has washing machines. Dryers are not common in Thailand so I hang my clothes to dry on my balcony.

My apartment is nothing fancy but it is pretty typical basic accommodation for a teacher here and has been more than adequate during my year teaching. I am thankful for its proximity to my school, the city’s sports stadium, the bus station, and 7-eleven.


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