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Alyssa F.

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Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida

Originally from sunny Florida, I moved to Chicago after completing my acting degree at the University of Oklahoma. Next stop: Spain! I clearly love to travel and can't wait to share my adventures with all of you! Food is especially important to me whenever I experience a new place and culture, so my tastebuds will likely do most of the talking...

Cool tidbits:

I trained as a Birth Doula, love to tap dance, am part of a Drag family, and am a Type 2/ENFJ/Scorpio (all the personality tests)!


Walking to Santiago: Spring Break on the Camino

By Alyssa F.

Never in a million years would I have guessed I would walk the Camino de Santiago. I had heard about the famous pilgrimage through Spain but always thought it was... keep reading

Navigating My Jewish Identity While Teaching in Spain

By Alyssa F.

It's time to address a slightly uncomfortable topic: Judaism in Spain. For those of you who don't know, I identify as an ethnic Jew, meaning I follow more of the... keep reading

A Day in Segovia

By Alyssa F.

If all you can hear when you look at that name is "Genovia, Genoooooviaaaa," you're not alone. Although Segovia is not a fictional country known for its pears, it is... keep reading

Reality Sets In: The Adjustment Period

By Alyssa F.

Everyone warns you about the phases of moving to a new place: Honeymoon, Culture Shock, Adjustment, Acceptance. I moved to Madrid knowing full-well that I would face each of these... keep reading

Let's Talk About FOOD, Baby...

By Alyssa F.

When my friends in the States asked what I was most looking forward to upon my arrival to Spain, I usually answered with three words: food and dance. Well, I've... keep reading

Visa? Done. Madrid? Here I Come!

By Alyssa F.

It's happening...I acquired the last piece of the puzzle to get myself to Madrid! I now have my visa firmly in hand. The visa process was pretty nerve-wracking - there... keep reading

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