New Program and Program Changes Approved by the ACB

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In response to the changing demands of the international education community, CIEE regularly evaluates our programs to make sure we are meeting the needs of the institutions and students we serve. Here are the new programs and program changes approved by our Academic Consortium Board last month.

New Global Institutes

Sydney Global Institute  
Launching Spring 2020  with the following programs:

Shanghai Global Institute 
Launching Spring 2020  with the following programs:

New CIEE Location

Kyoto, Japan
Launching Spring 2020 with the following program:

CIEE is establishing a new location in Kyoto where students can take Japanese language and English-language content courses taught by CIEE instructors. Kyoto program dates will align with the U.S. academic calendars.

New Direct Enrollment Programs

New Location for Summer Global Internships

Course Expansion

CIEE's most popular course, the ICL (in which we use the Intercultural Development Inventory to assess students' intercultural growth), will soon be available at all CIEE locations. Starting in Spring 2020, either an in-person or hybrid (online and in-person) ICL class will be added to the elective course offerings at the following sites:

  • Gaborone, Botswana
  • Khon Kaen, Thailand
  • Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Wollongong, Australia

Program Updates

  • Barcelona Summer Global Internship Language Immersion - Starting in Summer 2019, the name and requirements for the Barcelona Summer Internship will reflect an increased emphasis on language learning. For this program, there is now a prerequisite of four semesters of Spanish and students will be required to take an Advanced Spanish language class. Internship placement and Internship Seminar will be in Spanish. (The existing Barcelona Summer Global Internship program will continue to exist for students who do not meet the language requirements for Barcelona Summer Global Internship Language Immersion.)
  • Monteverde Summer Sustainability + Environment - Starting in Summer 2020, two college-level courses in the natural sciences, environmental studies, sustainability or agriculture will now be recommended, rather than required for eligibility.
  • Hyderabad Arts + Sciences - Starting in Fall 2020, the GPA eligibility requirement for this program has been decreased from 3.0 to 2.75 following a decision by the University of Hyderabad Study in India program earlier this year.

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