Teach English Abroad with a Safety Net

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CIEE Teach Abroad

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a risk-taker, moving to another country to teach English is a pretty big endeavor. There are so many factors you must plan for when you move to another country, and even more factors that you can never plan for! That’s why, it helps to have a safety net in place should you come encounter something unplanned. Think about it, you wouldn’t go skydiving without a parachute, would you? At CIEE, your journey is never alone as we’re there to provide a safety net to catch if you fall (metaphorically, of course).

Your adventure has just begun…

Picture this: you’ve just touched down in Thailand, after 20 + hours of travel and needless to say you’re feeling a little bit groggy, that jet lag can be a pain. But you’re so excited to explore your new home. And best of all, you’ve prepared! You listened to your coordinator’s instructions, went through the entire pre-departure course, did all your research and after a long couple of flights you’ve finally arrived.

With all the preparation put into a successful departure, many people forget to prepare for what happens after. You know, the entire year abroad.

…now what?

Airport Pick-Up

Now you just have to worry about finding your luggage at baggage claim and CIEE staff will take it from there. Instead of going through the trouble of navigating public transportation, jet-lagged and lots of luggage in- hand (let’s face it, you probably overpacked), in-country staff will be there to pick you up from the airport and bring you to your hotel for orientation. After a long flight, I think this is something we can all appreciate.


Later, you finally arrived at your hotel, and you’ve just barely remembered to notify your family back home that you’ve touched down safely. There’s just so much going on! Luckily, you have an orientation itinerary to keep you organized. But, you’re still tired from your flight, and sleeping sounds a whole lot better than sitting through a presentation or two. Besides, you have the entire rest of the year to learn about your new country yourself! However, as soon as you arrive you realize orientation is so much more than a couple of slideshows.

As you make your way in, you’re accompanied by fellow CIEE teachers who are going through the exact same thing as you! Still jet lagged from their flight, stressed about the weeks to come, but excited to take it all on.

It’s at this orientation that you meet your new neighbors and potential roommates, and some of them could even be teaching at the same school as you! Before you know it, you’ve found a pal to create lesson plans with, and you’ve even discussed going on a weekend trip together in a few weeks. It’s at this orientation that you create your social circle for the next year and learn about new tips and tricks to help assimilate into your new and foreign community.

From there, you can use and reference your resources provided to help to you navigate your new home. And thank goodness you have new friends to help! Regardless, there will likely be a learning curve. It will be a challenge, but nothing you can’t handle.

iNext International Insurance

Six months have now passed, and you are confidently and comfortably living and working in your new country. You’ve made amazing friends and seen some incredible places. But then…life happens. You come down with the flu.

The flu! This timing could not be worse. You’re across the world and all you can hear is your mother’s voice saying, “I told you to get your flu shot!”. Should you see a doctor? Probably. But how will you afford it? Simple, you have iNext insurance.

Relieved, you can receive the proper medical treatment you need before your condition gets any worse. And on Monday you are able to return to your job, and see the students that you love.

The adventure is coming to an end…

Your year abroad is coming to an end and the time to say goodbye to the life you’ve made is approaching. The same question remains:

…now what?

Now you can connect with other CIEE alumni and discuss what it was like for them upon returning to the States. And now, you have an incredible life experience under your belt which will go a long way on your resume. And of course, you always have the option to teach abroad again! So, the real question is:

Where will you go next?

Wherever you go, you now know that you have the support of CIEE every step of the way. So, take that next big adventure, we’ll provide the safety net.