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Teach in Thailand Program Options

Immerse yourself in Thai culture and travel while also helping to meet a growing need for English teachers to provide educational opportunities to Thai students. Thailand is focused on improving their students’ English proficiency, and they need smart driven people like you to do it. Get paid to make a difference and explore this beautiful and unique country.

Teach In Thailand

Teach in Thailand – Participants of this paid teach abroad program work as a lead classroom teacher with students of all ages. Placements are at public and private schools throughout Thailand in cities and towns of all sizes. Choose a spring or fall departure to fit your travel plans and teaching goals.

Ideal for: Participants with or without teaching experience and a desire to work with students of all ages as a lead classroom teacher for one- or two- semesters while traveling in Thailand. Learn More.

Teach in Thailand - Plus

Teach in Thailand - Plus – This program is designed for those who would like more assistance applying for their Thai visa as well as having their visa processing and return fees covered by CIEE.  Participants of this paid teach abroad program work as a lead classroom teacher with students of all ages. Placements are at public and private schools throughout Thailand in all sizes of cities and towns. Participants on this program can choose between a spring or fall departure.

Ideal for: Participants with a desire to work as a lead classroom teacher for two-semesters while traveling in Thailand and who would like extra assistance in applying for their Thai visa.  Learn More 


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Teach in Thailand Overview

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There’s a world of experiences ahead that you can’t possibly wrap your head around quite yet. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive pre-departure package around. Including:

  • Guidance to help you find the right program and complete your application
  • Guaranteed pre-departure placement at a reputable school with accommodation included
  • Thai visa assistance to obtain your visa prior to departure
  • Coverage of visa processing fees (for Teach in Thailand Plus only)
  • Pre-departure webinars including Q&A time with your program coordinator
  • An online, blended-learning CIEE course that prepares you to teach in Thailand (and beyond)


You’ve arrived, you’re jet-lagged, and you’re more than a little culture-shocked. The CIEE orientation program is designed to get you up to speed -- and comfortable -- as quickly as possible. We provide an in-country orientation upon arrival that includes:

  • Airport transfer and transportation to orientation and from orientation to your host institution
  • A six-day orientation with fellow teachers in Bangkok or Chiang Mai (depending on your teaching assignment) with:
    • Classes in Thai language 
    • Sessions on TEFL theory and practice
    • Cross-cultural training
    • Accommodation and most meals
    • Cultural Excursions


Just because you’re settled into your new home doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere. Along with 24-hour in-country support, we provide:

  • Ongoing support services via our partner, Overseas Education Group, who are available to help you navigate logistical, professional, or cultural challenges
  • Support from an English-speaking school coordinator, who will help you adjust to your location and placement
  • Salary to cover living expenses and travel
  • Provided accommodations for the duration of your teaching contract
  • Thai work permit assistance and coverage of work permit fees (at the completion of your contract)
  • A completion bonus after two consecutive semesters of teaching to support the cost of return airfare
  • iNext international insurance and 24-hour emergency assistance services

What People are Saying

  • "Painless, clear process for application. Phenomenal support when I had questions both before and after acceptance."

    Harold H. | Teach in Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

Why CIEE Teach Abroad?

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The CIEE Teach Abroad team is there for you every step of the way. From deciding what program is right for you, to navigating visa paperwork, to 24-hour in-country support. See all the ways that CIEE supports you throughout this exciting, yet sometimes nerve-wracking, process. Learn More.


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The only difference between the two programs is the level of assistance you have in applying for your Thai visa. You will receive detailed visa application instructions on both the Teach in Thailand and Teach in Thailand Plus programs.

On the Teach in Thailand program, you will: 

  • apply for your visa directly through The Royal Thai Embassy in your country of citizenship
  • communicate directly with The Royal Thai Embassy
  • pay for the $80 visa fee as well as for postage to return your visa and passport to you

The Teach in Thailand Plus program fee is $150 higher because it includes additional visa application services.  You will:

  • apply for your visa through CIEE who will review your application before submitting it in person to The Royal Thai Consulate in Boston on your behalf. They will also monitor your visa application, pick up your visa from the consulate, and return your visa to you via FedEx.
  • communicate directly with CIEE rather than with The Royal Thai Consulate.
  • not have to pay the visa fee or return postage fee. CIEE will cover the $80 visa fee and the postage for FedEx 2-day shipping to return your visa and passport to you.   

Can I pick the region and/or city I am placed in?

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We place teachers in all regions of Thailand and all sizes of cities. You should list your top three regional preferences and any other preferences you have on the placement preferences section of your application.  We strive to match you to a school that meets your placement preferences, keeping in mind that the Thai schools make the final hiring decision.  

How much will I earn?

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You will earn between 28,000 and 33,000 THB per month on the Teach in Thailand and Teach in Thailand Plus programs.  The minimum salary is 28,000 THB per month.  If you are TEFL certified, have a Bachelor’s degree in hard science or math, or teach subjects other than English, you will earn 30,000 THB per month.  Teachers with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Education earn 33,000 THB per month. Provided accommodation rounds out your compensation package.  In addition, you will earn a 20,000 THB bonus for the completion of a two-semester contract. You will be paid for days you teach, but will not receive a salary for non-teaching days (ex. semester breaks).  

Do I need a TEFL certificate?

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TEFL certification is highly recommended, but not a requirement for our Thailand programs. Thai schools prefer teachers to be TEFL certified and having the certification makes you a stronger applicant.    Teachers that are TEFL certified earn a higher salary of 30,000 THB per month.  We advise you to pursue this course if you want to feel more confident and comfortable being the lead English as a Second Language teacher. A CIEE TEFL certification never expires, is accredited, and is recognized worldwide.  Learn more about adding the 150-hour TEFL certification to your program.

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