High school students looking out on interior of colosseum in Rome

Our Approach

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Set a New Standard for High School Study Abroad

At CIEE, we believe studying abroad in high school positively impacts a teen’s future. Global Navigator programs make this opportunity more accessible and more meaningful to a growing number of students.

Aligned With High School Learning Goals

High school student with kids in Gaborone inspecting her watch

World Language Proficiency

  • Our proprietary, localized curriculum aligns with American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards, reflects linguistic and regional differences, and uses linguistically, visually, and culturally rich authentic resources in the target language
  • Local language teachers are trained to use our communicative, task-based approach
  • Students apply what they learn in class, all day long in the local environment. All learning is coordinated to maximize time and to encourage authentic interactions with native speakers.
High school students posing against wall in Palma de Mallorca

Global Competence

  • Classroom and cultural activities promote collaboration as our participants investigate the world around them
  • Meaningful interactions with host families and local peers help our participants recognize multiple perspectives and adapt to unfamiliar situations
  • Weekly project presentations and real-world tasks in the local community train our participants to communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences
  • Reflection journals and group debriefs offer participants a chance to process their experiences, reflect on how they can apply what they learned, and take action in their own communities once they return home
Global Navigator making peace sign by ancient pyramid in Yucatan

College Readiness

  • Our participants gain greater independence, maturity and leadership skills, all essential skills at the university level and beyond
  • Participants in our Language and Culture program can earn 4 college credits through our partnership with Tulane University

Accessible to All

 High School Summer Abroad

Over $14.5 Million Distributed to Date

  • Any U.S. high school student can apply to our programs
  • Scholarships are based on academic merit and financial needs and cover from 10% to 100% of tuition costs

Semester Summer Abroad

A Diverse Student Body

  • Scholarships open access to student populations typically underrepresented in study abroad
  • Participants from all over the U.S. deepen the richness of each other’s experiences

Truly Immersive

Our summer programs provide a unique environment to maximize learning and time on task.

  • Local certified instructors teach all our language classes using the target language and communicative approach
  • U.S. program leaders lead daily cultural activities and excursions in the target language
  • Homestays reinforce the day’s lesson through “Homestay Connection” tasks

The Global Navigator Advisory Council

Unique in our industry, the Global Navigator Advisory Council includes members from the world language learning and secondary education field. All passionate advocates for global education, they help us ensure our study abroad programs:

  • Stay closely connected to U.S. secondary school learning objectives, college entrance goals, and eventual career needs
  • Extend intercultural competence opportunities to as many U.S. high school students as possible, regardless of socioeconomic status