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CIEE’s immersive programs deliver results students simply can’t achieve in the traditional classroom environment.

1 Month = 1 Year

The average growth for students in a CIEE 1-month program approaches or exceeds the national average growth* that students achieve in 1 year of a high school world language course across key skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Growth in CIEE’s language programs is measured through pre-post administration of the STAMP 4S assessment by Avant**. The composite score reflects performance in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The communicative, task-based approach in an immersion setting produces exceptional gains in listening and speaking.

Average Growth in Language Proficiency**

Composite Scores - Listening, Speaking, Reading Writing

*National averages derived by Avant from high school language proficiency assessments administered nationally in 2015–2016"
**Since students at earlier stages of language proficiency make greater gains more quickly than students at more advanced stages, it is not appropriate to compare percentage growth across languages. For example, 60% of the 2017 German students were at the beginning level, while only 24% of those in the Spanish courses were beginners. Arabic results are not included due to an insufficient number of matched cases.

Personal Growth

  • 93%

    Alumni who've said they improved communication and subject matter skills

  • 95%

    Alumi who claim they gained a more global perspective during their time abroad

  • 93%

    Alumni who declare they now can navigate across cultural differences

*2015 - 2017 CIEE Global Navigator High School Study Abroad program survey

A day in the life of a language learner

What People are Saying

  • The biggest benefit of learning German here is how much immersion you have and how much German you are hearing on a daily basis. You start thinking in German.

    Christian S., Berlin, Germany, German Language & Culture participant
  • “ As a language teacher for about 16 years, the language immersion philosophy is well connected and enhances students’ learning.”

    Cristo M., Cusco, Peru, Spanish Language & Peruvian Culture Program Leader
  • “ Not only did my confidence in Chinese become much stronger, but I built a strong bond with my host family that will last forever. The most memorable experience was interacting with Chinese people as a whole as well as all of the time I’ve spent with my host family.”

    Madeline S., Nanjing, China, Chinese Language & Culture participant
  • This is the ideal classroom right here. If we could actually bring this back to the United States, it would be perfect, but you can’t. That’s why it’s so special […] It’s incredibly intensive, both emotionally and physically, but also from a learning perspective because the students take all that they get in the classroom and then immediately apply it in their real lives, in the target culture.

    Candace Black, International Baccalaureate Coordinator, Eastridge High School, Rochester, NY & Current member of CIEE’s Global Navigator Advisory Council

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