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Studying abroad will increase your students’ language proficiency, intercultural competence, leadership skills, and self-confidence. You have an important role to play in encouraging students to apply for the study abroad programs and scholarships that will change their lives!

Below are resources you can leverage to get the word out at your school, but also support students before and after they study abroad so that they make the best of their experience and share its benefits with the entire school community.

Promote CIEE programs and scholarships

Too many students still assume that study abroad programs are just for college students, or that they are financially out of reach for their families. CIEE works hard to provide generous scholarships to thousands of students every year, bringing the world within reach. You play an important role in raising awareness of this incredible opportunity, and in encouraging your students to apply for our programs and scholarships. These tools will help you to get the word out, and support you in making sure students are aware of deadlines and program requirements.

  • Summer Abroad Flyer: use this flyer as an email attachment or in print to spread the word about our High School Summer Abroad programs and scholarships at your school.
  • Summer Abroad Flyer (Spanish Version): share this Spanish version with students whose families speak Spanish at home!
  • Customizable invite: use this invite by email or in print format to promote any upcoming study abroad information session or event at your school. Simply add your text, click on "print" and select "Adobe PDF" to save this as flat image with your custom text.
  • Web Graphics: share this code with the administrator in charge of your school's website. Adding a link to CIEE's website is easy and will help a lot of students and parents.
  • Slideshow: Set of three slides to display on your school TVs or add to presentations to faculty, students or parents.
  • Global Navigator Scholarship FAQ Flyer: use this flyer by email attachment or in print to spread the word about scholarships for our High School Summer Abroad programs
  • Classroom Slideshow: Full set of slides to present the CIEE programs and scholarship opportunity to your students. Go over these during a language club session or class. Have an alumni share feedback on the experience!
  • Classroom Slideshow (Spanish Version)Share this Spanish version of our slide deck with students whose families speak Spanish at home!


Download these images and videos to share with your school community on social media. Here is some suggested copy to help you spread the word.

Support Traveling Students

Before they go

You want your students to be as prepared as possible to make the most of their study abroad experience. These tools will help students set goals for their experience, manage expectations, think critically about what they would most like to take away from their time abroad, and research their destination and its culture.

When they return

Once students return from study abroad, they can be instrumental in changing the culture of your school to think more globally. One student’s experience can deepen classroom discussions, provide new perspectives, and encourage curiosity and compassion in other students. These resources will help you to design lessons around your students’ global experience, host storytelling workshops, and work with your students to ensure they can continue to leverage their learning experience long after they return home.


Open the world to your students