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4 weeks

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Program Overview

Take your talent in French to the next level in the bustling and beautiful city of Toulouse. 

Accelerate your French with four weeks of language immersion in this student-friendly city in southern France. After language classes, dive into French conversations out in community markets, cafes, funky shops, chic boutiques, and the liveliest square in town—Place du Capitole. Also enjoy cultural activities, such as playing traditional music at the Centre Occitan, opportunities to talk with French teens, and visits to significant sites, such as the historic Jacobins monastery, the Aeroscopia Museum, or the Hall of Machines with its mechanical wonders, including a giant dancing spider! 

Living in a local homestay puts you in tune with the customs and rhythms of everyday life, and it grows your language and cultural competence in countless ways. Weekend excursions take you to Carcassonne, a World Heritage site and medieval fortress, and to the Domaine du Thoré, an eco-lodge where you will hike and explore the beautiful French countryside. Rich experiences in and out of Toulouse will steep you in culture—food, art, architecture, natural beauty, and thousands of years of French and Roman history.  

The Take-Aways

Language Growth and Culture Competence

Come home with a higher level of French and a greater understanding of French culture. Use your STAMP 4S language proficiency pre- and post-test scores to demonstrate your language growth and help you earn a Seal of Biliteracy.  

College Credit

Earn 4 college credits toward your future college degree. Take advantage of the credits to stand out on your college applications or to satisfy college language requirements.

Lifelong Skills and Friendships

Return with greater self-confidence, independence, and adaptability. Enjoy a broader worldview and friends of different backgrounds from across the U.S. 


Hours of Instruction with a Native French Teacher


College Credits


Life-Changing Experience

The Destination
  • Toulouse_Pont Saint Pierre bridge over the Garonne river
  • High school students conversing in garden at CIEE Center in Toulouse
  • toulouse building sunny day

The Destination

Welcome to Toulouse—la ville rose (pink city)—famous for its cassoulet and lively cultural scene. 

Toulouse gets its nickname from the pink glow of the bricks in its beautiful buildings, especially at sunset. A walk down its cobblestone streets past architectural gems and into lovely courtyards is a walk through history. Founded by the Romans in the 5th century, Toulouse is today a bustling mix of old and new—the center of France’s aerospace and space industries as well as the fourth largest city in France due in part to its large student population.  

Situated on the banks of the Garonne River and traversed by the Canal du Midi, a World Heritage site, Toulouse invites you outdoors where you can frequent cafés and open-air concerts, cheer at a rugby match, and view the ever-changing street art. Take in all the culture Toulouse has to offer and enjoy its tasty specialties, too—the sweet chocolatine and the irresistible cassoulet with its duck, sausage, and white beans. 

Cultural Awareness

CIEE wants all our students to feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to succeed while studying abroad. Local CIEE staff have provided details about conditions and cultural attitudes that students with specific identities might encounter in Toulouse.

Daily Life

Daily Life


Each day offers a balance between interactive instruction and cultural activities with time on your own, too. Morning classes and afternoon activities may swap places. 

  • Breakfast at your homestay 
  • Engaging French classes with expert language instructors, all native-speakers  
  • Lunch in the community with your fellow Global Navigators 
  • Out and about for authentic conversations in the community and a Cultural Activity  
  • Dinner and evening discussions at your homestay 


  • Overnight or day excursions to top sites 
  • Quality time with friends and everyone at your homestay 

Check out the blog posts to discover more about daily life and excursions on program. 


Carefully-screened Homestay

24/7 Support

1 Program Leader for every 12 students and support from local staff

Weekly Learning Goals

In CIEE classes, Level 1 is for students acquiring basic French, Level 2 is for those who can carry on everyday conversations, and Level 3 is for those who can participate in discussions on social and academic topics. In the spring before you depart, you’ll take a language proficiency test and when you arrive on site, you’ll participate in an oral interview. How you do on the test and in the interview will identify the level that is right for you.

Each week, you’ll explore a Theme and create a Project. Each day in class, you’ll learn French through engaging activities and then, in the community, try out your new French in conversations with locals.

Week 1: Settle in and meet your classmates as you explore the Identity Theme. Give information about yourself in interviews, make comparisons, and describe people in a host family tree. For your Project, create and present a Personal Profile.

Week 2: Take in the local scene as you explore the Community Theme. Describe places, attractions, and events in Toulouse. Tell what you want to buy in shops, and express your likes and dislikes in food and fashion. For your Project, create a Photo Gallery of Life in Toulouse and share it in a conversation.

Week 3: Continue improving your French as you delve into the Discovery Theme and, for your Project, create and present a Travel Flyer for a destination in France. Give and follow directions, give details of a trip itinerary day-by-day, and describe the destination, the weather, and what to do there.

Week 4: Consider the impact of your summer in this week’s Personal Growth Theme. Tell what you experienced in France, make cultural comparisons, and participate in study abroad interviews. For your Project, create a Study Abroad Album and share it in a panel discussion.

Each week, you’ll explore a Theme and create a Project. Each day in class, you’ll learn French through engaging activities and then, in the community, try out your new French in conversations with locals.

Week 1: Settle in and meet your classmates as you explore the Discovery Theme. Ask about and describe family members, discover and describe exciting things to do in Toulouse, and compare daily routines and customs in France and the USA. For your Project, create and present a Memory Book of Your Life in Toulouse.

Week 2: Explore French culture during this week’s Creativity Theme. Compare musical performances, express opinions on art, tell what happened in movies, and persuade a classmate to attend a cultural event. For your Project, create a Photo Gallery on French Culture and share it in a conversation. 

Week 3: Delve into Toulouse in this week’s Community Theme. For your Project, create and present a Neighborhood Tour in Toulouse. Describe the city and what happens there. Role play scenes in a market and a restaurant. Report on Toulouse’s past and future.

Week 4: Consider the impact of your summer during the Personal Growth Theme. Tell what happened in memorable moments and how you felt about it. Make cultural comparisons and persuade a friend to study abroad. For your Project, create a Study Abroad Album and share it in a panel discussion. 

Each week, you’ll explore a Theme and create a Project. Each day in class, you’ll learn French through engaging activities and then, in the community, try out your new French in conversations with locals.

Week 1: Settle in and meet your classmates during the Cultural Encounters Theme. Tell what happened on a first encounter abroad. Summarize past and current events in Toulouse. Express your opinions as you compare cultural norms and stereotypes. For your Project, create and present a Field Report on Toulouse.

Week 2: Explore French culture in this week’s Creativity Theme. Describe street art and profile artists, express opinions on magazines and movies, and compare musical performances. For your Project, create an Arts & Culture Magazine and share it in a conversation. 

Week 3: Continue advancing your French as you delve into the Discovery Theme. For your Project, create and present an Awareness Campaign about a global threat. Give information on its causes and effects, explain solutions, and persuade others in debates, justifying your arguments.

Week 4: Consider the impact of your summer in this week’s Personal Growth Theme. Conduct a class survey on experiences in France and make cultural comparisons. Tell an original story about a memorable moment and speculate on what’s next for you. For your Project, create a Study Abroad Album and share it in a panel discussion. 

Program Blogs


Nothing "Toulouse" — c'est parti !

By Taron Ware at CIEE

Le voyage forme la jeunesse. Is there any better way to express our hopes, goals, and ambitions for this summer in Toulouse? Travel broadens the mind. As Program Leaders, we... keep reading


Connecting with the Young People of Toulouse

By Christine Yardley at CIEE

One of the best parts of the French Language & Culture program is meeting the people of Toulouse. For one of our afternoon activities, the students split into four smaller... keep reading


Baking on the Canal du Midi

By Kate Mulvihill at CIEE

This week our students tried their hand at baking some French pastries- in an interesting location! Classes were held on a peniche (barge) on the Canal du Midi. We were... keep reading


Sample Activities

Group shot

Just Imagine All the Fun You’ll Have!

  • Soak in the sun and have some fun canoeing down the Garonne River with your fellow Global Navigators.  
  • On your visit to the Aeroscopia museum, marvel at how humans take to the sky. See the Super Guppy (first airplane manufactured), the sleek Concorde, and today’s Airbus planes, including the A380. 
  • Find out about the birth of hip-hop in France and learn some new moves in a workshop. Put the moves together in a group performance.   
  • Cross the old stone bridge into Carcassonne and feel the Middle Ages all around you. Tour the chateau and cathedral. Stroll the ramparts and take in magnificent views of the French countryside.  
  • Explore France’s culinary traditions and participate in a pastry workshop. Make the famous Paris-Brest or a fraisier—then eat up these little works of art! 

Please note activities are based on past programs and subject to change at CIEE's discretion to adapt to local circumstances and participant feedback. Our goal when arranging activities is always to enhance your experience.

What Students Are Saying

  • “I could feel my French improving and it was very difficult to pull away so soon. I will never forget my time in Toulouse and all the good friends I've made.” 

    Paige W., Global Navigator Alum

  • “I loved getting to travel abroad and experience a new country, but I was not just seeing all the touristy sites, I actually lived with a family and was able to learn how everyday life can be.” 

    Prince M., Global Navigator Alum

  • “This has been an amazing experience that really has had a significant impact on me. I have gained skills and learned things about myself and the world that I could not have learned in any other way. I think the intensity of the program is also just right for anyone who wants to study abroad for the first time.” 

    Emma S., Global Navigator Alum

  • “The people I met were incredible, the city of Toulouse is beautiful, and I learned so much about the French language and the French culture.”

    Sofia P., Global Navigator Alum



  • Participants must be 14 years old and above.
  • Program open to all current high school students—Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors—who have completed at least one year of high school French. Students who have completed at least two years of high school French may qualify for the Honors French Language & Culture program in Rennes, France.
  • For scholarship eligibility requirements, please check our Scholarship page.

For more information, refer to the detailed Program Essential Eligibility Criteria.

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees

Application Fee


Optional College Credit Fee


Learn more about how to get college credit for your future college degree.

Program scholarships and tuition include iNext Travel Insurance, but do not cover the cost of flights. Find additional details about what’s included with your tuition.

More questions? Find answers, get application support, sign up for virtual presentations or contact us.


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Program Summer Session I 2025 4 weeks Start Date End Date
Program Summer Session II 2025 4 weeks Start Date End Date

What's Included

Interactive Classes


3 Meals/Day

(Dietary Needs Accommodated)

All Ground Transportation

(Once In-country)

Optional Flight Chaperone

(Flight Cost Not Included)

Pre-departure Advice and Orientation

Access to Local Phone and WIFI

All Cultural Activities and Excursions

Comprehensive Medical and Travel Protection

24/7 Emergency On-site Support

Our Staff

Our Staff

Isabelle Jaffe

Center Director

A resident of Toulouse with American and French citizenship, Isabelle received her Licence (BA) in English and philosophy and her master's degree in literature from the University of Paris–La Sorbonne...

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