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Creative Writing in Literary London

Last spots available on Session 2
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Information for term Creative Writing in Literary London

Application deadline, and cost information.

Extended Deadline

April 1, 2023

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Deadline: April 1, 2023
  • Dates: Jun 18 – Jul 8, 2023 (3 weeks)

Extended Deadline

April 1, 2023

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Deadline: April 1, 2023
  • Dates: Jul 9 – 29, 2023 (3 weeks)


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Sprinkle magic into your writing in this bustling city filled with literary inspiration. 

Take a spellbinding trip through literary London, home to countless authors and stories that have shaped the world. Through expert-led workshops, develop the tools and techniques needed to write in different genres and produce your own Creative Writing Portfolio. Take cues from the Harry Potter franchise and learn how novels can be re-imagined into films, plays, web-based media, and fan fiction.  

Meet writers and storytellers. Explore the real sites that gave life to Harry Potter locations like Diagon Alley, Gringotts, and the Brockdale bridge (the real-life Millennium bridge!). Examine how children’s stories detail real social issues like class segregation, gender differences, and bullying. Get to know the West End—London’s cultural hub—and see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the most awarded play in history. 

Discover the places and people that make London buzz with creativity. Taste local curry and fish and chips. Discuss your favorite books with local teens. Experience literary life outside of London, too, taking trains on excursions to Oxford, Bath, and Lacock.

The Take-Aways


    Experience London through the eyes and pen of a writer. Try out literary techniques and structures to develop your own writing process in different genres. Come home with the skills to create original works.


    Topics for your college essays, experience to inform your future career, and a Creative Writing Portfolio to showcase your own writing.


    Return with greater self-confidence, independence, and improved communication skills. Enjoy a broader worldview and friends of different backgrounds from across the U.S.





Location & Culture

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Welcome to London, the center of English life and enduring works of fiction. 

There’s Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. There’s Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter. Walking London’s streets, squares, and alleys, transport yourself to the literary works they’ve inspired. As the most multicultural city in Europe and with a long and interesting history, London’s iconic characters shine all over the world. The city itself is a synonym for wit, humor, and charisma. It’s hard to not feel a bolt of creativity when out for a stroll.  

London has a population of over 9 million, and hundreds of cultures mingle at every turn. Famous landmarks—like the London Eye, Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace—stand royally across the city. Cruising along the River Thames, take in the lovely views of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Its thriving markets, like the Victorian-style Leadenhall Market, one of your excursions, and pleasant green areas like Kew Gardens lead you into the day-to-day life of Londoners. From its vast number of bookshops, theatres, museums, and art galleries to its innovative street artists and performers, you’ll be amazed by all there is to do! 


CIEE wants all our students to feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to succeed while studying abroad. Local CIEE staff have provided details about conditions and cultural attitudes that students with specific identities might encounter in London.

Daily Life

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Daily Life 


Each day offers a balance between interactive instruction and cultural activities with time on your own, too. Morning classes and afternoon activities may swap places.  

  • Breakfast at the dorm  
  • Hands-on classes with expert instructors and professional writers   
  • Lunch with your fellow Global Navigators  
  • Out and about for a Cultural Activity or Workshop  
  • Dinner at the hotel or out in the community   


  • Overnight or day excursions to top sites  
  • Quality time with friends  
  • Housing

    Dorms in London, shared rooms with other Global Navigators

  • 24/7 Support

    1 Program Leader for every 12 students and support from local staff


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Sample Activities

Just imagine all the fun you’ll have!

  • Look behind-the-scenes at how novels get translated to the big screen at Harry Potter World, the real studio where the movies were filmed. 
  • Hit up the West End and step into the historic Palace Theatre for the award-winning stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  • Immerse yourself in nature at the Arboretum at Kew Gardens to see newborn Whomping Willows and study plant lore in the Victorian glasshouse. 
  • Hunt for location settings for your own stories visiting the British Museum and Leadenhall Market and walking across the Millennium bridge. 
  • Enjoy afternoon tea in Oxford. Take overnight trips to Bath, a World Heritage site known for its Roman spa, and to Lacock, an unspoiled medieval village and film site.

Please note activities are based on past programs and subject to change at CIEE's discretion to adapt to local circumstances and participant feedback. Our goal when arranging activities is always to enhance your experience. 

What Students Are Saying

  • “I met so many friends and extraordinary people that I can’t imagine life without them now. I’ve discovered new things about London and myself. It’s an experience everyone deserves.” 

    Lizzie R., Global Navigator Alum
  • “It’s allowed me to see how big our world is. There is so much culture, so many people, and things to try. It’s a time to explore the world as it is.” 

    Kayla J., Global Navigator Alum
  • “You make a lot of close friends, go through the thick, the thin, and the fun. Very memorable experiences are made!”  

    Matthew M., Global Navigator Alum
  • “It’s allowed me to see how big our world is. There is so much culture, so many people, and things to try. It’s a time to explore the world as it is.” 

    Kayla J., Global Navigator Alum

Dates & Fees

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Dates & Fees


  • Program open to all current high school students: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.   
  • For scholarship eligibility requirements, please check ourScholarship page.  



Program scholarships and tuition include iNext Travel Insurance, but do not cover the cost of flights. Find additional details about what’s included with your tuition.    

More questions? Find answers, get application support, sign up for virtual presentations or contact us. 


Application Due

Start Date

End Date


Summer Session I 2023 3 weeks Apr 1, 2023 Jun 18, 2023 Jul 8, 2023


Summer Session II 2023 3 weeks Apr 1, 2023 Jul 9, 2023 Jul 29, 2023


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What's Included

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What's Included

Interactive Classes
3 Meals/Day
(Dietary Needs Accommodated)
All Ground Transportation
(Once In-country)
Optional Flight Chaperone
(Flight Cost Not Included)
Pre-departure Advice and Orientation
Access to Local Phone and WIFI
All Cultural Activities and Excursions
Comprehensive Medical and Travel Protection
24/7 Emergency On-site Support

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