Health, Safety and Security

Your safety is our top priority.

Your welfare matters most. From comprehensive safety measures to elaborate vetting of homestays to health insurance, we’re looking out for our participants at every step. To learn more about CIEE Health, Safety & Security's team, check out for the videos below. To go further and sign up for safety alerts, go to

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Comprehensive safety

With CIEE, you get 70+ years of international education and exchange experience all over the globe behind every study abroad program. We back this with additional precautions, including:

  • Annual safety evaluations of every program.
  • Continuous monitoring of local conditions during every program by CIEE program staff members.
  • Informative student orientations that include tips on reducing risk and handling challenging situations.

Safety is a collaborative effort

Safety is a collaborative effort that involves CIEE support teams, staff in our various locations, homestays, and program leaders. Students and parents can call us 24/7 for emergency support.

As a founding member of the Interassociational Advisory Committee on Safety and Responsibility in Study Abroad, we lead the way for international education, assessing current policies and developing new ones with other industry professionals. Our central risk management team coordinates all CIEE staff training in health, safety, and security – we never outsource these key components.

There is no better immersion than living with locals! Our homestays provide daily meals and a comfortable home. They’re also a great way to introduce you to local customs and traditions, and offer support and guidance.
Each homestay is carefully selected. Our vetting process includes interviews and home visits by local CIEE staff, as well as background checks. And when individuals or families have hosted CIEE students before, student feedback is thoroughly considered.
Every homestay in our network chooses to host CIEE students because they’re eager to share their language and culture with you – and also eager to learn about you and your American life.

Additional peace of mind with every program

Your CIEE Global Navigator High School program includes coverage by iNext international medical and travel insurance, to supplement coverage from your primary insurance provider. Your iNext policy covers accidents and illnesses while you’re abroad, as well as coverage for political and natural disaster evacuation.

Click here for more details on iNext insurance policies.