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  • La Maison De La Violette
    By Bridgette Claery at CIEE
    This blog has been written by PL Christine, I'm just uploading it on her behalf. :) Bonjour tout le monde! We had a chance to go to the typical Toulouse's...keep reading
  • Escape!!!!
    By Anne Lawrenson at CIEE
    This week students got to use the French skills they have been perfecting to play an escape game! This was a new experience for everyone, as no one had done...keep reading
  • Paris Plages
    By Tracy Clark at CIEE
    In July some of the quais of the Seine are transformed into "beaches" for the Parisians who are not able to leave the city for vacation. Sand, lounge chairs, beach...keep reading
  • Croissants, anyone?
    By Deborah Rosen at CIEE
    Last week, students were divided up into three groups and rotated cultural activities each day. One of the days, the students were treated to a visit to Le Petit Mitron,...keep reading
  • Visit to Cornouaille
    By Margaret Schmidt at CIEE
    This past weekend we had an exciting overnight trip to the Cornouaille region of la Bretagne. We were deep in Breton culture, where all the street and road signs appeared...keep reading
  • Carcassonne
    By Bridgette Claery at CIEE
    Coucou tout le monde! This past weekend, groups ABC went to Carcassone while groups DEF spent their weekend in Port-Vendres. Unfortunately, both groups braved some crazy rain, but after a...keep reading
  • Classes and school life
    By Julia Ullmann at CIEE
    Every day students take intensive classes in the morning, 9.30-12.30. They are in 3 different classes, based on intensity of French. Each week students are working on the project, either...keep reading
  • Mosquée de Paris
    By Elaina Loyd at CIEE
    This week, students have been split into three groups visiting various cultural sites around Paris. One of our visits included a visit to the Mosquée de Paris. Students learned about...keep reading

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