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Les espaces verts
By Jeffrey Pageau at CIEE
Gardens and public parks are as much a part of French culture as croissants and cheese. Public parks began to appear in the 19th Century. Citizens could gather on Sundays...keep reading
Un voyage dans le Finistère
By Jeffrey Pageau at CIEE
We recently took our Global Navigators on a weekend excursion to the western regions of Brittany known as la Finistère. This region is the heart of Brittany's celtic heritage. While...keep reading
  • Découvrons les musées!
    By Cynthia Benson at CIEE
    Session 2 Toulousers had a choice one Friday to visit one of four museums. They could choose to go to le Musée de la Résistance, which is a museum focused...keep reading
  • La dernière semaine à Paris !
    By Roxane Lewis at CIEE
    Coucou à tous, Program Leader Roxy reporting to you from rue du Sentier here in Paris at the beginning of our last ( last ?! ) week here in France...keep reading
  • Aeroscopia!
    By Rebecca Ebling at CIEE
    Students yesterday went to Aeroscopia to discover the aviation history of Toulouse. This museum has been a staff and student favorite for the past few summers, and this session was...keep reading

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