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  • Amazing China trip
    By Xi Lin at CIEE
    A lot of students said to me, "can not believe there is only few days left! We have to going back to USA. I want to stay in China longer."...keep reading
  • Chinese Breakfasts of Champions
    By Karen Du at CIEE
    There's something about breakfast foods that excites and intrigues us. Some of our most nostalgic and delicious foods are breakfast foods! After all, it is our first meal of the...keep reading
  • lotus culutre, lotus cake
    By Xi Lin at CIEE
    The lotus flower is one of the most significant flowers in the Chinese culture.Chinese love lotus because the lotus flowers rises from the mud and blooms in exquisite beauty it...keep reading
  • French concession
    By Ning Zhang at CIEE
    Today we went to the French concession and learned about some history about the French coming to China from our tour guide Kat. After world war 1, they were able...keep reading
  • Yu Garden in Shanghai
    By Ning Zhang at CIEE
    Today our cultural activity was located at Yu Garden. The group went through Yu Garden, which was a retirement gift from a son to his father. We were able to...keep reading

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