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  • Un weekend au soleil!
    By Morgane Bunz at CIEE
    This past weekend, the students from groups A, B and C and their program leaders enjoyed a couple of days away from the city and their daily lessons in southern...keep reading
  • L'Atelier de Hip-Hop!
    By Hussna Ali at CIEE
    Coucou tout le monde! Program leader Hussna here! We're already halfway done with the program and time is speeding past us. Two more weeks left, and still so much left...keep reading
  • Moi, j’ose! Toi, tu ose?
    By Elizabeth Mbunya at CIEE
    1-2-3, allons-y! Students hit the ground running...there are only 4 weeks. They need to make the most of what they have learned in class. ‘OZlefrançais dans la rue’ is what...keep reading
  • Dining in Toulouse!
    By Hussna Ali at CIEE
    Dining in Toulouse! Coucou de Toulouse! We are getting in the thick of the things here in Toulouse. Week 1 is complete! The students have done a marvelous job with...keep reading
  • Un weekend à la mer
    By Josephine Aisha Simon at CIEE
    This weekend, the students were divided in to two groups - one went to Port Vendres and Collioure, while the other visited Carcassone. We were lucky enough to go with...keep reading

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