Wonderful Iguazú

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Eblin Molina

It is almost impossible to find the right words to describe the beauty of Parque Nacional Iguazú. These waterfalls in the middle of the jungle are breathtaking! It does not matter how many videos and pictures you take, none of them will be able to show all the amazing views this park offers. When asked what they thought about this wonderful excursion, our students used fantastic, incredible, spectacular, and similar adjectives; however, it was not easy for them to describe what they saw and experienced.

It was a beautiful day spent in the jungle, walking on the different trails, admiring all the nature around us, amazed at the many impressive waterfalls, and looking at the animals we encountered (monkeys, many kinds of birds, butterflies, fish, and coatis, among others).

We all learned a lot about the park and the entire area, thanks to the great guides we had. We started the day with a nice breakfast at our hotel (which was also a wonderful place located in the middle of the jungle.) We grabbed a packed lunch and got into the bus that took us to the entrance of the park. Our guides started the tour by showing us a map of the park and the different trails we were going to take within the park. Alongside each trail we were able to enjoy gorgeous views. It was hard to keep walking because there was so much to see that we wanted to stop every few steps to take pictures and to take in all the beauty. Lunch time came and we enjoyed our sandwiches picnic style. In the afternoon, we took the train that took us to the most impressive of all the waterfalls, La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat.) The train left us at the little station within the park and then we walked on the bridges over the Iguazú River until we reached the waterfall, which is just unbelievable. The weather was perfect and the sky was clear, allowing us to enjoy the fall in all its splendor.

We had a long day, but we are so glad that we had all day to enjoy this beautiful place and that we were able to share this amazing experience with friends. How lucky we are to say that we have been to Las Cataratas de Iguazú, one of the wonders of the world!