Let's cook at the Instituto Marítimo in Valpo!

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Yesenia A.

Yesenia A.

Today we went to a technical high school called Instituto Tecnico Profesional Marítimo. In Chile, there are two types of high schools. There are traditional high schools where students learn the core subjects like in the United States and there are technical high schools where students learn a specialty such as gastronomy, automotive technology, industrial chemistry, tourism, etc. In the Instituto Marítimo, we interacted with Chilean Chefs and students in the gastronomy career program. During our visit, we learned how to make various dishes. We made “Cazuela de pollo” (Chicken and Vegetable soup), “Ceviche de palmitos” (Palm heart ceviche), “Charquicán de cochayuyo” (vegetable dish with New Zealand Bull Kelp) , “Crema de zapallo” (Pumpkin Soup), “Risotto de quinoa” (Quinoa Risotto) y “Flan de quinoa” (Quinoa Flan). The Cazuela de pollo and the Flan de quinoa were a hit! After we finished cooking and ate the food, it was time to clean up our dishes and the cooking area. 

Check out some pictures in the video below. 


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