A Glimpse into the Classroom

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Jessica Kehoe

Jessica Kehoe

Our level 1 students are challenging themselves to speak in Spanish as much as possible! This week's theme has been discovery through travel and for their week 3 project, each student chose a travel destination within Chile and made a travel brochure to teach their classmates about it.

Early in the week, students had to ask a local for directions to a place within Valparaíso to practice new vocabulary.

During class on Thursday, students brainstormed places they'd like to travel and what they'd like to do there.

On Friday, the instructor began class by presenting her own project as an example before allowing students time to rehearse their projects in partners. Students then spent the last half of class presenting their projects to one another. 

The teacher modeling a project presentation for students.
Sam presented on Valle de Elquí.
Makayla presented on Coyhaiche.
T-Jauni presented on Arica.
Elizabeth presented on Santiago.


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