Visiting an Italian school in Valparaiso!

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Yesenia A.

Yesenia A.

Today we went to “Scuola Italiana” (an Italian school), where we played basketball and volleyball with sophomore Chilean students. In this type of school, students learn Italian at a very young age and take subject classes in both Italian and Spanish. They also take English as a third language. The students played hard and with team spirit which furthered relationships between students. Today was not the first day we had an exchange with our Chilean counterparts. In fact, on Wednesday, we met new students for peer exchange. The students played a variety of games in Spanish and English. They played human bingo and the Chilean students were required to ask American students questions and vice versa. Other games we played were “Where the Wind Blows” and a game where students had to take a side in a “this or that” game. The students had so much fun, they did not want to leave.

Check out some the footage below.

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