Flamenco, Sevillanas, Ole!

Authored by:
Patricia Black

If you are lucky enough to be in Seville, you have to take a Flamenco class, and so we did!.

We got to our meeting point, Plaza Nueva and we started getting ready for the class ! The girls put flowers on their heads and big long earrings and they truly felt like Spanish girls.

We walked up to the dancing studio called Centro Cultural Flamenco and there we met our lovely flamenco instructor, Marina.

We started learning the basic steps without music, we practised them several times and then came the music. Once we felt comfortable we  had to learn to move graciously with our arms and hands. Finally we had to combine the moves of our feet, arms and legs and dance a sevillana. Our first intent was not that great but we managed to keep the rhythm. At the end we asked our  instructor to dance with one of our students and boy, were they  good!

There were giggles, smiles and just plain old fun.We had just learned our first sevillanas and we felt we were ready to try our new acquired skills any time; maybe, we can even come back to the city in April for the Ferias de Abril and dance with the locals!!!


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