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Ramona W.

Arts + Sciences Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Minneapolis

Hello! My name is Ramona White and I’m a twenty year old student studying at Yonsei University in Seoul. I am an astrophysics and computational physics major at my home university in Minnesota, but have a deep passion for various forms of art.


More Than Just Kpop

By Ramona W.

If you plan on visiting South Korea, you’ve had to have heard of Kpop: the Korean pop groups taking the world by storm. But music in this country is so... keep reading

Drinking Culture in Korea

By Ramona W.

Jjan! Geonbae! Cheers! Before studying abroad I thought Americans drank a lot, but after witnessing the drinking culture in Seoul firsthand, I have to say that no one does it... keep reading

Academics in Korea

By Ramona W.

Thursday, November 14, was a significant day for Seoul, nay, the entirety of Korea. Planes were grounded, the stock market opened late, subway lines increased, and parents bowed their heads... keep reading

Seoul Fashion Week

By Ramona W.

I’m going to be honest, one of the reasons I decided to study abroad in Seoul is because I knew it was a major fashion capital of the world. Especially... keep reading

Why Are You Really Here?

By Ramona W.

When I met my roommate for the first time, a kind girl from California who has family in Korea and speaks the language quite fluently, she asked me upfront, “So... keep reading

Moments to Bottle Up

By Ramona W.

In my mind I keep track of the moments when I feel most content, most at peace with the world, the most myself. Seoul, being such a vibrant city that... keep reading

Hiking Dobongsan Mountain

By Ramona W.

On a Saturday in late October, three of my friends and I took the subway an hour out of Seoul to Bukhansan National Park. After exiting the subway station we... keep reading

Finding Friendships - and Yourself - Abroad

By Ramona W.

As someone who is exactly 73% extrovert, I knew securing friendships abroad was pertinent to my happiness. Then again, I didn’t want to think about relationships as something to simply... keep reading

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