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Olivia L.

CIEE CBYX Partnership International
Hometown: Gering Nebraska

Picture this:

"A Nebraskan girl surrounded by loved ones; she's standing in the rain, a book in hand and pencil in hair, laughing at herself as she attempts to dance along to her favorite song."

In my heart, this is exactly who I am. I am a quirky, outgoing, musical girl who wants to incorporate all I love into a single sentence.



By Olivia L.

Karneval: the fifth season, the time of craziness, the time of celebration. Whatever people may call it, it is definitely a special time of year in Germany. Some people and... keep reading

Gal-entines Day

By Olivia L.

Making friends in a foreign exchange program can sometimes be tricky, but what I leanred is that it's about making the best out of the little things that you have... keep reading

Halfway Finished

By Olivia L.

Last week, the PI group of exchange students in Germany from America came together for a Mid-year orientation in Cologne. It was a wonderful time of reflection. We were be... keep reading

Christmas and New Year's Eve

By Olivia L.

Who wants three consecutive days of Christmas? Or a more acurate question: What kid doesn't want three days of Christmas? I was surprised to find out that here in Germany... keep reading

Before Christmas: Vor Weihnachtszeit

By Olivia L.

It's hard to believe it's only two days left until Christmas! I have been able to see and do so much this Christmas season and I cannot wait to see... keep reading


By Olivia L.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, and it was a wonderful experience to be able to share the traditional American traditions as well as my own family... keep reading

German Meaning of November

By Olivia L.

My November started off with the ceremonial tradition of the catholic priest sprinkling water among the graves in the cemetary known as the Allerheiligen. Why? Becasue the month of November... keep reading

School "Spieltag"

By Olivia L.

Recently, my school held their very first ever "Spieltag" or play day, and yes it's exactly what it sounds like. Students showed up to school so that they could play... keep reading

Nebraska Presentation: Sharing my culture

By Olivia L.

Sometimes amazing opportunities you have to search for and really work hard to accomplish, and others simply fall into you lap. My host sister Kirsten recently asked me if I... keep reading

Fall Ferien

By Olivia L.

This fall Ferien school vacation was absolutely incredible. I have never had two full weeks of vacation from school, and it was an amazing way to further imerse myself in... keep reading