Michael Jiang
Student Traveler

Michael J.

Berlin, Germany
Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

Hey, I'm Michael!

I recently graduated from high school and decided to take a gap year as an exchange student with CBYX. But since you're on my page, you probably already knew that, but for those of you who are new, welcome! Thanks for stopping by my page and taking the time to read my blogs. I hope my posts are informative, entertaining, and immerse you in my world for a few minutes every read. Tag along to follow me through my exchange year, as I navigate my life in Germany! 

Yours Truly,



Back to School

By Michael J.

This was how my first day of school in Germany as a 10th grader unfolded. It sure was an eventful day and exhausting at moments, but I genuinely found myself having a good time. Jump in with me and I'll explain what made it so memorable.

Hedersleben: Village Life- Part 2

By Michael J.

Let's continue our journey through Langauge Camp! In Part 2, I'll show you life around Hedersleben and leave you with some food for thought.

Hedersleben: A Pocket of America- Part 1

By Michael J.

Take a peek with me into life at the monastery, where 49 other CBYX participants and I lived for 4 weeks learning German. You might expect to hear me drone on and on about the daily lessons and the food we ate, which I will of course, but I'll also show you the more exciting aspects of our time at language camp.

New Beginnings

By Michael J.

Finished with high school and headed into college... right? What I envisioned my first year after high school looking like didn't exactly happen; instead I found myself following a path that interested me more- Germany.

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