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Kiyana P.

High School Abroad in Japan
Hometown: Pilot Hill, CA, USA

Hello, my name is Kiyana Pitre and I chose to study abroad with CIEE to learn more about the Japanese culture and language. My interest in the Japanese culture was found through anime and manga, which led me to study the language for two years. The Japanese culture is different quite from the American culture that I have been raised in, and going to Japan and study in a school for a semester could be very beneficial for my goals of learning more Japanese language. While living with a Japanese host family can teach me about the culture and how everyday life is in Japan. Being able to dive head first into a foreign culture that I have never experienced before is truly amazing, and is filled with so many opportunities that I just can’t say no to. Living in a culture where I have to speak a different language to ask for help with directions and eat food that I have never seen before will help me with becoming a well rounded individual and more educated on how other cultures work.


Family in Japan

By Kiyana P.

You know that you’re with the right host family when you’re home away from home is with them. My fabulous host family, the Sakurayashiki family. Has from day one been... keep reading

Welcome to Japan

By Kiyana P.

Traveling to Japan was so much fun! I started my journey at the Sacramento airport where I gave my parents and my dog Dodger a hug goodbye with some bonus... keep reading