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Katherine B.

Hometown: Logan, Utah

Exchange student living in Hünfeld, Bronfman Fellow, and drinker of far too much tea. 


Berlin Seminar

By Katherine B.

Last week, the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange participants met in Berlin for our End of Year Seminar. We spent our five days exploring the city, touring the Reichstag, and preparing... keep reading

Wandervierer 2022

By Katherine B.

Last Sunday, my host mom and I took part in the annual Rhön Wandervierer. The Wandervierer is a fundraiser started by four Hessian villages in which sponsors make donations for... keep reading

Host Families and Citizen Diplomacy

By Katherine B.

On my first morning in Germany, I stood in front of my closet wondering if my host family ate breakfast in pajamas or dressed. After agonizing for a few minutes... keep reading

Sunday Night Musings

By Katherine B.

With three months left of my exchange year, I’ve been having a lot of emotions. On the one hand, I’m excited to start university: on the other, I have a... keep reading


By Katherine B.

On the first Sunday of Lent, Germans throughout the Rhön region light Hutzelfeuer, which symbolize the wish for an end to the winter. Villages contribute their old Christmas trees and... keep reading

24. Februar: Würzburg

By Katherine B.

After school today, my host mom, sister and I went on an excursion to Würzburg, a city in the Franconia region of Bavaria. As is the case with many German... keep reading

13.-14. Februar: Skiing and Exploring a New City

By Katherine B.

The Rhön, my region’s mountain range, was blessed with new snow last week. On Saturday, my host family and I went cross country skiing around a nearby moor. I started... keep reading

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

By Katherine B.

Last night I moved in with my new host family, and so far things are going well. My host sister invited me to bake Christmas cookies with some friends, which... keep reading

Auf Wiedersehen, Oldenburg

By Katherine B.

Winter has arrived here in Germany. The sun sets at 4:00 pm, and the shades of orange and crimson that graced Oldenburg last month have faded into grey. I’m working... keep reading

Oldenburg Weihnachtsmarkt

By Katherine B.

Today, my friends and I decided to go to the Oldenburg Weihnachtsmarkt, or Christmas Market. We each sought out something to eat and spent the afternoon recovering from a grueling... keep reading