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Catherine C.

Catherine is a teacher and musician from Tampa, Florida. Follow them at @nampahceitac. Spain
Hometown: Tampa, Florida, USA

Catherine is a Language and Culture Assistant for a primary school in Madrid, Spain with the Spanish Ministry of Education's Auxiliares de Conversación program. Among other things, they're an ITA and University of Tampa alumnus, originally hail from Tampa, Florida, and are a classically-trained soprano. Follow them on instagram and twitter at @nampahceitac.


Fuera de fronteras, más allá del binario; My Non-binary Identity Abroad

By Catherine C.

Exploring the world is supposed to teach you about yourself. When travelling (and teaching) abroad, parts of your identity that you may not have questioned before can come to light... keep reading

Convivencia: Living with Roommates Abroad

By Catherine C.

When looking for housing in Madrid, I had a lot of factors to consider—one of them being roommates. Contrary to the roommate situation in the States, in which you usually... keep reading

Getting COVID-19 Abroad

By Catherine C.

Despite being fully vaccinated and generally being in good health, at the beginning of December 2021, I became sick and was diagnosed with COVID-19. When it comes to public health... keep reading

Interview: Life as an Auxiliar de Conversación in Castellón

By Catherine C.

This weekend, I sat down with my friend Colin to ask him about his experience and thoughts about the differences and similarities between teaching as an Auxiliar de Conversación in... keep reading

"La lucha es el único camino,": Attending a Protest in Madrid

By Catherine C.

On Friday, September 24th, I and a few other CIEE participants took part in the Global Day of Climate Action, an event of over 1500 protests worldwide organized by the... keep reading

My Language Learning Toolkit

By Catherine C.

If you’re like me (and a lot of people) you may have learned spanish from elementary to high school but didn’t really retain it. Here are methods and specific resources... keep reading

Introductions y Salutaciónes

By Catherine C.

Hey there! My name is Catherine Chapman, and I’m a first-time English language and culture assistant, participating in the Spanish Ministry of Education’s Auxiliares de Conversación program through CIEE. I... keep reading

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