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I was enjoying Han River with my friends, highly recommend!

Anna M.

Arts + Sciences
Hometown: Fishers, IN

       Nice to meet you, I’m Anna from Indiana! I’m a senior studying advertising at IU while also minoring in Korean, marketing, and graphic design. To jump right into it, around New Years it dawned on me deeply that we truly do only live once. This realization caused me to promise myself to actualize every dream as if there is no tomorrow which lead me to go all-in and study abroad with CIEE at Yonsei University in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. I’m delighted to take you on this journey with me to share my experiences, what I've learned about the culture, language, Seoul lifestyle, and to share places you should visit when you come!


How Studying Abroad Truly Changed My Life

By Anna M.

Being able to see the world and experience a new culture has given me new outlooks on life and sweet memories that I will never forget. In South Korea I... keep reading

What I Wish the Internet Had Told Me About South Korea

By Anna M.

These days it is a lot easier to learn about Korean culture thanks to the internet, or maybe even TikTok specifically. This is largely due to the spread of Hallyu... keep reading

Feel Confident about your Passport and Visa

By Anna M.

It can be nerve racking to deal with the documentation required to study abroad, so I wanted to make a brief guide of my experience about what you can expect... keep reading

Korean Amusement Park Shock

By Anna M.

I simply have never experienced a place like Lotte World before. My Seoulmates group teamed up with another Seoulmates group to go to Lotte World and I was under the... keep reading

Flying Internationally? Pack These Things

By Anna M.

Everyday I spend in Seoul, South Korea I have a few things I am grateful that I brought from America. As someone who has never traveled internationally, it's quite a... keep reading

Busan Wins Most Memorable City

By Anna M.

Since Seoul is now a popularized must-visit destination, it is mostly what we see representing the South Korean nation on social media. However, very different from the hustle and bustle... keep reading

Reducing Language Barrier Stress

By Anna M.

Culture shock is inevitable and a huge part of why studying abroad is both exhilarating and temporarily stressful. The curiosity and excitement of trying to understand how a culture entirely... keep reading

Surprising Shocks of Studying Abroad

By Anna M.

One of the most unexpected and exciting aspects about studying abroad is just how many friends you make from countries all around the world. I have learned so much about... keep reading

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