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Ally B.

Berlin, Germany
Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

Hallo leute! My name is Ally, a 18 year-old exchange student spending a gap year in Krefeld, NRW, Germany! I My hobbies are photography, writing and bowling. After my exchange year I plan to major in journalism and minor in creative writing at university. 


Mid-Year in Köln

By Ally B.

Introduction In the CBYX program there are certain events we are expected to participate through throughout the year, those of which being; D.C. orientation, a month at language camp, a... keep reading

Christmas in Denmark (& New Years' Eve Traditions)

By Ally B.

Introduction When I received my host family placement, I was excited to figure out everything about my host siblings, host parents, what city I would be in, etc. - literally... keep reading

Weihnachtsmarkt Lollapalooza

By Ally B.

Introduction It's December and Christmas is just around the corner! Weihnachtsmarkt season has just begun in Germany, with little wooden markets popping up all around town, selling roasted walnuts, gingerbread... keep reading

Bringing Thanksgiving to Germany

By Ally B.

When I first began my exchange year, the participants were told a lot of possible ways to give back to our host families, as well as showcase our American culture... keep reading

My Top Nine Impressions of Germany

By Ally B.

Introduction As of writing this, I've officially been in Germany for 85 days. In this time I've had my fair share of culture shocks, differences I've noticed between the U.S... keep reading

My First Week at Language Camp!

By Ally B.

Introduction When first applying for the CBYX program I had a thousand questions. One of my concerns was language camp and what that entailed. So I searched throughout the internet... keep reading

A Long Time Coming...

By Ally B.

‘Everything happens for a reason,’ or at least, that’s what everyone kept telling me... The journey to becoming an exchange student in Germany has been similar to a Kansas road... keep reading

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