Student Traveler

Allie S.


Love Letter on a Late Night Bus

By Allie S.

a poem by Allie schultz On every wheel-turned inch, I ask what I can give the roads before they leave me. Into the gravel past my back, I see enough... keep reading

Experiences End, But Memories Last Forever: Our Final Months in Pictures

By Allie S.

Seeing this semester come to a close is bittersweet. In the past four months we have made great memories and great friends; it’ll be hard to leave Hyderabad behind. But... keep reading

First Looks

By Allie S.

A Picture Collage by Fiona

On “Finding Yourself” in India

By Allie S.

I want to dispel one major myth about studying abroad: no matter what anyone has claimed, you will not “find yourself” when you travel. If Pinterest bloggers and Eat, Pray... keep reading