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  • You're not Alone!
    By Joy D.
    So, you've decided to host an exchange student! Your interest may have come from friends or coworkers hosting, a newspaper article you read, a tv or radio interview with students...keep reading
  • Days Off
    By Joy D.
    Welcome to 2020! January is such a time of transition. If you are hosting a 10-month August student, you're halfway through your year. So crazy! If you've just finished your...keep reading
  • Happy Holidays!
    By Joy D.
    Happy holidays from Louisiana! How are you celebrating the holiday season with your exchange student? For exchange students, celebrating the holidays on their exchange year can be an unforgettable experience...keep reading
  • Helping your student
    By Joy D.
    Adjusting to a new culture, a new family, and a new school can be hard. Pre-departure orientations and in-community orientations help prepare students for what they will encounter in their...keep reading
  • Settling in
    By Dolores G.
    We have just passed the 9 week mark with Alberto, our 5th exchange student. He’s settled in and other than the fact that he is perpetually late for everything (we...keep reading
  • Communication
    By Joy D.
    Congratulations on making it this far! If this is your first-time hosting, pat yourself on the back. You have taken a big step by choosing to host an exchange student...keep reading