Summer in the City: Sorin's Journey in Photographs

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Work Exchanges

Work Exchanges

By Sorin Dobroiu, CIEE Work & Travel USA participant from Romania.

My name is Sorin, and I am from Romania. I am living this summer in Boston and working at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Here are some photographs of my time in the United States.

This photo I was taking while I was discovering the city in my first days of American experience, and it’s just across from the Boston Harbor Hotel, where I am working. I was trying to find a place to relax. I chose to share this photo because we all try to post photos doing different activities, in the middle of the cities. This is while I was doing nothing, just watching the view and relaxing my mind, because at the end of the day, we all need peace in mind and soul.

Here is a photo of my Zen place during the day. Me, my memories and my thoughts! About living in Boston, I can’t say something specific, but I can say something about the entire experience that a student can have while working and traveling in the USA, which is that beautiful things aren’t measured according to the place you are in. If you are positive and look forward to meeting new people and enjoy walking around, going out and so on, even just sitting somewhere and watching people doing stuff, it will make you feel good.

Boston seen under an umbrella’s perspective. It doesn’t’ matter if it’s sunny or rainy, we move on!

I am a server at Boston Harbor Hotel, and my favorite part of the day is interacting with a diversity of cultures, starting with the people working at the hotel, also guests, managers and CEOs. The most challenging times are the moments when I have to keep my calm and handle many tables all at once. I am working to take care properly of every single person and giving the 5-star service.

I believe that the most surprising aspect is that I learned that I can be a way more hard working person than I thought I could be. The entire working environment showed me that I have to be more responsible, and I am extremely happy that now I apply this responsibility to everything I do. I now expect 150% from the activity I am involved in…the best! The time in the U.S. will help me in the future with the goals of becoming a better, dedicated person, and expecting more from myself day by day.

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