Highlights from the Great Outdoors Photo Contest: Furkan, Rintai, and Patrycja

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Work Exchanges

Work Exchanges

This summer we are asking CIEE Work & Travel USA participants to share their stories with us through a series of photo contest on Social Media. We have been so impressed by the submissions! Here are finalists from the first contest, the the theme "The Great Outdoors. "

Furkan, Turkey

I went rafting with four people from the Czech Republic and one from China. We became friends in the United STates. This was the first time I was doing rafting. It was awesome, actually I loved it! 

The best part of working in Montana is you are in real nature with its dangers and beauty. The most surprising thing for me about American culture is people always smile and say "hello, how is it going?" even when they do not know each other. Now I have a lot of perspective for my life, and I can use them while I am making decisions anywhere any time in the future.

Rintai, Thailand

Me and my friends are watching the milky way in front of Crater Lake Lodge, Crater National Park. My friends are both from Thailand like me, Parn and I traveled together because we knew each other since we were in high school but we just met Oil here. The best part of being in Oregon is people. They are so kind and friendly. 

Patrycja, Poland

The picture was taken just after work, when I was canoeing with my boyfriend, having some sport and fresh air after a busy day. I have been canoeing before, so it wasn't anything new, but the fact we can do it every day, and it's just in front of the place where we're living, is amazing!

It's hard to say what's best about working in Vermont - beautiful views (as it's 'the green mountain state'), extremely friendly people, or a satisfying job. All combined, it makes Lake Morey Resort a perfect place to come! I feel like a part of a family already, and it's been just a month since we're here!

I wasn't very surprised by any feature of the American culture, because it's my third time here, although I was amazed by how friendly everyone is when I first came here. I appreciate my time here and all the communication skills I obtain by working with and for American people, which will be useful in the future for sure!

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