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CIEE Hiring Solutions

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Welcome international students to your business and community.

Whether you’re a business seeking seasonal staffing, or an organization looking to develop your international talent pool, CIEE offers the experience and support you need to provide a meaningful cultural experience.


Since 1947, U.S. businesses have benefited from a partnership with CIEE by using one or more of our programs to create a more dynamic and international workplace. Our work with the U.S. Department of State has resulted in programs and practices that support exemplary cultural exchange for students and young professionals. Through our membership in organizations like the Alliance for International, Educational and Cultural Exchange, we provide an active voice on issues that impact the U.S. exchange community.


Because of our organizational longevity and experience, CIEE is recognized as the leading provider of J-1 work exchange programs. Through our extensive network of global representatives in more than 50 countries, CIEE benefits from a large and diverse participant base. Our representatives receive professional training and guidance from CIEE staff, enabling us to recruit, screen, and select the candidates best suited for our network of U.S. employers.


U.S. employers represent a wide variety of industries and, in turn, varied needs and requirements. CIEE offers specialized hiring services that are reflective of these diverse hiring needs. To respond to constantly shifting economic and employment patterns, CIEE seeks out new geographic markets and alternative ways to recruit and hire participants.


CIEE is more than a service—it's a relationship. CIEE staff are committed to understanding the unique needs of your business. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide participants and employers before, during, and after the hiring season. The CIEE team is ready available to work with you in developing your international hiring plan.

CIEE Hiring Solutions

CIEE participants from around the world offer new perspectives and an eagerness to work, learn, and adapt to their new surroundings. As one of the first organizations designated by the U.S. Department of State to bring international participants to the U.S. on J-1 exchange programs, CIEE has helped employers meet seasonal staffing needs and diversify their businesses for more than 40 years.

Today, CIEE continues to be an industry leader, building on our decades of experience to recruit participants from more than 50 countries. We continue to develop new and innovative hiring solutions and are constantly improving the ways in which we prepare participants and employers for the most successful cultural exchange experience possible.

Work & Travel USA

Whether by solving seasonal staffing shortages or diversifying your workplace, CIEE Work & Travel USA offers benefits to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are hiring five students or five hundred, CIEE staff work with you to understand your requirements, design a hiring solution to fit your needs, and ensure that both you and your students are well prepared and supported throughout the season.

Internship USA

Provide structured, on-the-job training to qualified candidates for up to 18 months while promoting the value of cross-cultural exchange. Two distinct programs for international graduates and working professionals make it possible for U.S. companies to create a more dynamic and international workplace.


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