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Encourage Your Students to Apply!

You play an important role in promoting global citizenship – by exposing your students to opportunities they might not know even exist! Explore our site and let students know about the myriad options available through CIEE Global Navigator High School Study Abroad programs.

Open the door to a life-changing experience that increases your students’ language proficiency, intercultural competence, leadership skills, and self-confidence. Not only will you have a hand in expanding their global competence, you’ll know that you’ve played a small part during a huge leap in personal growth.

Studying abroad in high school provides students with an opportunity to reach new heights. The ability to recognize those achievements—while making and learning from their mistakes—is no small feat.

Through CIEE Global Navigator High School programs, students attain greater language fluency, cultural knowledge, and independence during a pivotal time in their lives.

  • All our programs are designed to maximize learning.
  • Our curriculum balances structured classroom instruction, relevant cultural activities and authentic engagement with host families and local peers.
  • Our summer abroad language and culture programs are eligible for college credit through Tulane University.
  • Hundreds of scholarships are available each year to cover from 10% to 100% of tuition.

Raise Awareness, Earn Rewards

Every year, our study abroad programs transform the lives of hundreds of U.S. high school students, but we need your help to get the word out!

When it comes to championing global competence, teachers are our best ambassadors. Many students and parents assume study abroad is just for college! Raise awareness about our Global Navigator high school programs (Summer, Semester or Gap Year Abroad), and watch your students progress in language proficiency and in myriad ways.

To learn more about our High School Teachers program, contact us at You might even earn a free trip to see one of our program in action!

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