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Up for an adventure like no other? Our Global Navigator summer abroad programs take you way outside your comfort zone, far away from home. Explore a different culture in more than 25 amazing destinations across the world. Come home with new skills, newfound passion, a broader perspective – and maybe even college credits!

3 types of programs, take your pick:

Language & Culture

Immerse yourself in the local scene while improving your fluency in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, or Arabic!

Chile China France Germany Italy Japan Mexico Morocco Spain

4 Weeks

4 College Credits

Service & Leadership

Work with a community on global issues such as migration of people, the environment, children’s rights, or education.

China Dominican Republic Ghana Mexico South Africa

3 Weeks


Global Discovery

Pursue or develop an interest in a field such as marine biology, conservation, filmmaking, or global entrepreneurship.

Bonaire Botswana Costa Rica Dominican Republic Germany Ireland Spain Tanzania Thailand Portland, Maine, U.S.

3 Weeks

Certificate of Academic Achievement

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