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With a spectacular landscape of volcanic peaks shooting into the sky among deserts and green valleys, Chile and its people will have a profound impact on you. Wherever you go in this relaxed culture, you’ll be able to participate in local customs, share your own traditions, learn from those around you, and have encounters that forever will change your outlook on life. Along the way, you’ll improve your Spanish, expand your international resume, and help others.

Chile is an exciting destination for those who love the outdoors. You can ski in the Andes east of Santiago, or eat seafood in a beachfront café in Viña del Mar before dipping your toes in warm, white sand. Those with a sense of adventure can use their time off to travel, exploring places like the starkly beautiful Atacama Desert, the mysterious stone idols of Easter Island, or the glaciers far to the south.

Chile is one of Latin America’s most prosperous nations, and its people know that the nation’s well-being depends on a well-educated, globalized work force. The government has made improving English skills a national imperative, and there’s a hunger for knowledge that starts early and extends into adulthood. This creates a high demand for qualified English teachers throughout the country.

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Want to teach at a white-sand beach resort on the Pacific coast? How about working in a dynamic urban center within sight of the snow-capped Andes? Teach in Chile positions are available at nine campuses of the DuocUC system of technical colleges in the capital city of Santiago, the interior town of Melipilla, the seaport of Valparaíso, and the nearby resort of Viña del Mar. Teach in Chile - Professional assignments are centered in homes and businesses in the capital city of Santiago and the southern coastal city of Concepcion. Regardless of where you teach, you’ll have your own Chilean adventures inside and outside the classroom.

A rewarding job opportunity

  • Paid teaching placements through a leading Chilean technical university and a private language-learning institute
  • Opportunities to teach in a variety of environments, from traditional university classrooms to homes and workplaces
  • Teaching support, including curriculum, teaching aids, and training workshops
  • Applicants without teaching credentials can complete CIEE’s online TEFL certification course between acceptance and departure

Teaching programs that deliver more

  • Benefits include social events, such as group tours with CIEE peers, and volunteer opportunities that allow you to give back to the community
  • An exciting and enriching four-day orientation in Santiago
  • A fall group gathering and a midyear reflection workshop that bring Teach in Chile program participants together to socialize and engage in professional development through CIEE follow-up and survey of participant experiences and teaching workshops to help improve second-semester performance
  • Opportunities to travel and explore

Assistance to ease your journey

  • Logistical support from CIEE staff members before you depart for Chile
  • Temporary housing while you look for a place of your own
  • A school coordinator who helps you adapt to Chilean teaching and cultural differences. The coordinator is a key support resource to offer professional advice and help you adjust
  • International medical insurance and 24-hour worldwide assistance provided through CIEE iNext
  • 24-hour, in-country emergency support services from CIEE staff members in Santiago
  • Visa application guidance (apply in person at the Chilean Embassy or Consulate)

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