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With a spectacular landscape of volcanic peaks shooting into the sky among deserts and green valleys, Chile and its people will have a profound impact on you. Wherever you go in this relaxed culture, you’ll be able to participate in local customs, share your own traditions, learn from those around you, and have encounters that forever will change your outlook on life. Along the way, you’ll improve your Spanish, expand your international resume, and help others.

Chile is an exciting destination for those who love the outdoors. You can ski in the Andes east of Santiago, or eat seafood in a beachfront café in Viña del Mar before dipping your toes in warm, white sand. Those with a sense of adventure can use their time off to travel, exploring places like the starkly beautiful Atacama Desert, the mysterious stone idols of Easter Island, or the glaciers far to the south.

Chile is one of Latin America’s most prosperous nations, and its people know that the nation’s well-being depends on a well-educated, globalized work force. The government has made improving English skills a national imperative, and there’s a hunger for knowledge that starts early and extends into adulthood. This creates a high demand for qualified English teachers throughout the country.

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The best adventures always have a little uncertainty, but not too much! That’s why we offer the most comprehensive pre-departure package around, including:

  • Detailed pre-departure materials and insider advice on logistics, cultural adjustment, and other topics
  • Comprehensive guidance to help you obtain a Chilean visa
  • Specific placement assigned to you before departure


You’ve arrived, you’re jet-lagged, and you’re more than a little culture-shocked. The CIEE orientation is designed to get you up to speed -- and comfortable -- as quickly as possible. We provide in-country orientation upon arrival that includes:

  • Airport pickup, accommodations, and most meals during orientation
  • Workshops on finding housing, transportation, health and safety, legal processes, intercultural learning, and more
  • Cultural activities and guided tours to help get your bearings as soon as possible


CIEE will still be there to help after you settle into your new home. Along with 24-hour in-country emergency support, we provide:

  • Day-to-day support and advice from CIEE staff in Spain who are available to help you navigate logistical, professional, or cultural challenges.
  • iNext international insurance and emergency assistance services
  • A mid-year event to help reconnect everyone in Santiago and have some fun

What People are Saying

  • "Great experience – good training/orientation, help every step of the way, good stipend, room for lots of independence, helps people (like me) fulfill dreams!"

    Julia B. | Teach in Chile

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our approach is to offer a high level of preparation and support at every step of your journey toward teaching abroad. It’s different than what some of our competitors do, but based on participant feedback, we think it’s really valuable!

Before you go, we’ll guide you through the visa process and share lots of useful logistical tips and advice from former teachers. Our US-based staff is here to respond to questions by phone and email. After arriving, you will receive an in-depth orientation to prepare you for living and teaching in a new country, and to network with other teachers. Our in-country staff and representatives are there to support you during your experience, including 24/7 availability for emergency situations, and US residents will receive international travel and emergency medical insurance.

Your program fee covers the costs of those services and the staff and facilities that make them possible. It’s not enough for us to just match someone up with a job and call it a day – our goal is to give them the support and preparation they need to have a successful and rewarding experience!


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A $50 application fee is due at the time of application submission, to let us devote our effort and attention to serious applicants. Once CIEE accepts your application, a $500 commitment deposit ($1,000 if TEFL is included) is due within 10 calendar days. The remaining balance of the program fee is due after you receive a job placement, which happens roughly 1-3 months after you make the deposit.

Each of our programs has a different total program fee, based on the features included. To see these, please visit one of our programs.


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Yes! You’ll need a bachelor’s degree to go on our Teach Abroad programs, but we welcome applications from graduating seniors. You should ask your academic advisor for a letter confirming your expected date of graduation, and you can upload that to your online application in place of your actual degree. Check with your school to confirm when your diploma will be delivered to you, and email a scan to your coordinator at that time.


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This is an area where our program really shines. We put a lot of effort into helping people get ready and making sure they are well-informed and know what to expect.

CIEE will provide pre-departure guides with cultural tips, advice from former teachers, and information on logistical topics like phones, internet, and banking.

CIEE will give you detailed instructions for the documents and/or visas necessary for the program you select.

CIEE’s Participant Blogs are a great way to get a first-hand perspective on what it’s actually like to work and live abroad on our program!

Finally, before they go, we ask all our participants to review health, travel and safety information from the US Centers for Disease Control and the US Department of State, and sign up for regular updates from the STEP program.

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