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Trial by Packing
By Christianne G.
As I am a week away from the next step in life, I figured that now was as good a time as ever to not procrastinate when it comes to...keep reading
Let's Catch Up!
By Guadalupe H.
Hi everyone! This summer has been one crazy adventure after another! I have less than one day left until I embark on my journey to Spain! I would like to...keep reading
  • The night before... MADRID
    By Kristen N.
    Wow I can not believe the time has come. Tomorrow it is finally happening, I move to Madrid (: What a journey it has been navigating this opportunity with a...keep reading
  • Ready for Goodbye
    By Asha S.
    Wow, Only 3 days to departure for Madrid and what a busy few days it's been. My last day of work was last Friday and the bittersweet emotions are flowing...keep reading
  • 3 More Weeks!
    By Hannah W.
    Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and i'm so excited to get over to Spain so soon. This June, I graduated undergrad from Oregon State University. I have loved growing...keep reading
    The Countdown Begins...
    By Anniston W.
    As I went through the motions at work the other day, someone asked me when I was leaving for Spain. I looked down at my watch and nonchalantly answered, “one...keep reading

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